• Translator, European Liberties Platform,  Liberties.eu (Mar. 2016 – )
    Translation (Swe<>Eng) of news stories, campaign material, multimedia reports and subtitles, on subjects related to human rights, civil liberties, law and international relations
  • Translator, copywriter and SEO agent, Media Skunk Works, York (June – Oct. 2015)
    Wrote, edited and translated copy (Swe<>Eng), and built digital outreach in Swedish and Anglophone markets
  • Documentation writer, COMSOL Inc., Stockholm (June 2012 – Sept. 2014)
    Wrote and edited scientific and technical documentation
  • Editorial intern, Bonnier Publishing, London (July 2014)
    Researched, wrote and edited copy for various titles, including Historium (Big Picture Press, 2015), organised, assessed and set up a new system for processing submissions