Publication day for It’s Only Blood!

Today is the day that a text that is very special to me sees the fluorescent light of day on bookshop shelves for the first time. Happy publication day to It’s Only Blood!

It’s Only Blood by Anna Dahlqvist, translated by Alice E. Olsson, here in a display curated by Zed Books in collaboration with Bloody Good Period, Ohlala Macarons, and OHNE.

An early review is in, and though it does not name the translator in the body of the text, it does offer some wonderful words about the book:

Anna Dahlqvist’s powerfully argued book It’s Only Blood explores how menstruation taboos affect women in different cultures around the world. […] Her writing is lively, humane, and smart […]. It’s Only Blood is intimate, provocative, and often funny, shattering the stigma of menstruation for people all around the world.

Thank you, Clare Foster at Foreword Reviews – particularly for calling Anna’s writing ‘lively, humane, and smart’ – I’m so happy that it shines through in the translation.

Now, out and buy yourselves a copy! 😉